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Rules and Regulations

  1. The minimum attendance of 75 percent is compulsory.
  2. Attendance in all activities and functions of the College is compulsory.
  3. All the students must observe punctuality. Latecomers may not be allowed to enter the class.
  4. Any body if found absent without prior application will not be admitted to the class, unless a written application countersigned by the parent/guardian is submitted to the Principal.
  5. A student who is absent due to illness for more than 3 days must submit a medical certificate.
  6. Student must respect all teachers and authorities. They must be courteous and polite to everyone including the fellow students.
  7. The property of the College is a pious one. Any damage done to the property will have to be compensated for.
  8. The following acts are strictly prohibited within the campus. If any student is found guilty of any of the following acts, he/she can be suspended or even expelled from the college:
    Use, possession & distribution of drugs, alcohol, or other potentially harmful substances.
  9. The students shall have to be disciplined in all respects. Any violation of the terms & conditions shall be seriously considered.
  10. College Uniform is compulsory for all students.
















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